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As I’m sure you understand, unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to follow non-optional social conventions.

A Few Reasons Why Caves are Interesting: -Many important archaeological artifacts and fossils have been discovered in caves, which tend to preserve items by protecting them from the environment.Much as I enjoy watching you and your friends play games such Klingon boggle, Wii Bowling, and Dungeons & Dragons– past times that I also find entertaining– and watching your amusing interactions with your neighbor Penny and various friends and family members, I do wish that more of your documentary would focus on your scientific achievements.However, the actual purpose of this letter is not simply to praise your documentary and your work as a scientist. Sheldon Cooper, Let me first say that I greatly admire the documentary “The Big Bang Theory” that follows the daily lives of you and some of your scientific colleagues* at Caltech.“The Big Bang Theory” provides refreshing, mentally stimulating programming in a time when television is, sadly, dominated by fluffy reality TV shows about weddings, cakes, and orange-colored inhabitants of the Jersey Shore who will probably develop melanoma in their early 30s.

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With rare exceptions, TV has really gone downhill ever since “Firefly” was canceled.

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