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On the big day, though, it was her groom's handwritten vows that left their 300 guests speechless. before the wedding, I locked myself in a room and played '90s love music. "The words just flowed into my head and it was perfect.I wrote exactly what I felt, what I've experienced since Day One of meeting her until now." Even his groomsmen were in tears.But he couldn't figure out how to blow Jessica away, so the proposal kept getting delayed.He booked a Jamaican vacation for Thanksgiving Day 2016.Late-night phone conversations replaced their internet exchanges."This was when phone bills did not include free text messages, so we definitely got in trouble with our parents," Jessica says.They made plans to meet officially, in person, at Barnes & Nobles for a group study date, but no one had books on the brain. From then on, nothing came between the young pair - not even a high school rivalry.She's a proud Fort Bend Clements Ranger alum; he roots for the Fort Bend Dulles Vikings.

She wasn't suspicious until Brian suggested a photo shoot on their first day at the resort. "Our engagement was very short partly because my parents believe in this auspicious Chinese calendar which only allows you to marry on specific dates," Brian explains.She started dropping engagement hints during a trip to Boston.A snowstorm hit, and the couple found refuge in a serendipitous spot.Neither can remember exactly how her username name wound up on his buddy list.Jessica was only 15 when Brian, 16, first messaged her.

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