Flex bindable variable not updating

However, it is the primary mechanism for updating views using the Model Locator.

Putting a lot of bindable data in a single class can create performance problems for your application.

The challenge to developers is picking the right set of technologies to provide these services.

Adobe Flex is a client-side technology that provides developers with a rich set of API calls for creating GUIs, drawing graphics, playing and streaming media, and connecting to Web services.

This feature allows the Flex report to be distributed to users without needing to connect to the server.

The next step is to add report objects to the layout palette.

See the Flex documentation for these more advanced features.

This chapter describes a feature of BI Publisher that was introduced in Release and that applies to Releases through

This example uses the Flex Design tab to add the objects to the layout.

Click the Design tab to see the available objects in the Component Navigator pane.

On the server side, Java technology provides abilities such as connecting to relational database management systems (RDBMSs), multi-threaded processing of service requests, and optimum scaling with increased demand.

Using these two technologies together offers a powerful technology stack that satisfies the demand of RIA applications.

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See Section 16.3.2, "Creating the Layout." To configure the PDF output: This section has covered the basics of adding and organizing layout objects, binding the objects to BI Publisher data sources to create Flex templates, and loading the templates to the BI Publisher server to make them available to report users.

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